Welcome to the Friends of  Buninyong Botanic Gardens

The Buninyong Gardens (incorporating The Gong) possess an impressive collection of pines, conifers  and maples.  Four specimen maple trees are registered on the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) Register of Significant Trees.

The Gardens have long had an important social and celebrative role in the Buninyong community.  They are of historical and environmental significance to the whole state of Victoria and are included on Heritage Victoria’s Register.

Ballarat City Council is planning a major engineering project to repair the leaking wall of The Gong reservoir in the Buninyong Botanic Gardens. Council is also planning to attend to instability associated with the concrete walls
surrounding the walled garden, previously the township’s swimming baths. Both projects are estimated to cost $1.5+ million.
Given the confluence of these two major projects and the need for a visionary strategy to take the 159 years old Gardens into the future, Friends of Buninyong Botanic Gardens believes it is timely, indeed urgent, to be
establishing a Master Plan for the Gardens.

Information Memorandum, The Gong & Gardens


Thanks to Buninyong Community Bank

for supporting our activities and events.

The Buninyong Botanic Gardens are amongst the best preserved of Victoria’s provincial 19th century botanical gardens.